Work @ Home

With a robust support team and employees who become your second family, you’re at home, but not alone.

Work @ Home

With a robust support team and employees who become your second family, you’re at home, but not alone.

We are remote pioneers and experts in the work-at-home environment. Our robust technology allows you to stay connected and get the support you need from your coworkers, managers and the company. Whether it is jumping on a video call or using our live chat or intranet platforms, every employee has a direct line of communication with peers and upper management. Get all the advantages of working with a travel industry powerhouse from the comfort of your home.


  • Establish a healthy work/life balance with as much schedule flexibility as possible
  • Avoid a long commute and save on gas
  • Experience the world through travel deals
  • Enjoy competitive benefits and paid time off
  • Create your own dress code
  • Receive paid training as well as ongoing development opportunities and support
  • Get a computer and access to our support team


Private Workspace

You will need a private and quiet area to work in free of distractions. Your home office must not be in the same residence as another current World Travel Holdings’ @ home employee.

Computer Equipment

We will provide a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, phone, headset and webcam.


  • You must have access to FiOS, Cable Internet preferred; DSL acceptable if it’s the only option
  • Minimum speeds required are 10.0 Mbps download speed and 5.0 Mbps upload speed. To check your internet speed, go to
  • We do not support dial up, satellite connections, “line-of-site”, or Wi-Fi (e.g. 4G LTE) connections.
  • If the call connection through your computer and internet service provider is unstable, you may be asked to obtain a traditional land line should all other measures to resolve the call quality issues fail. Note: We do not support internet-based phone services such as Vonage, Magic Jack, Skype, Ooma, etc.
  • In order to protect the security of our network, and to allow you to share your internet connection with other devices in your house, you must ensure that you have a router installed between your internet modem and work computer. This could be an all-in-one device from your internet provider or two separate devices.


  • Surge protectors must be utilized to protect company issued equipment. Other supplies such as notebooks, pens, etc. are optional.

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