Working Here

Work hard, travel hard.

Working Here

Work hard, travel hard.

We’re a group of fun, passionate and dedicated people who work collectively to provide our CUSTOMERS with a remarkable experience. At the same time we provide OURSELVES a diverse, vibrant and fun atmosphere to work in. We truly believe in working hard while also not taking ourselves too seriously. It’s who we are!


We sell a product that everyone wants and dreams about. Our industry makes life-long dreams a reality and connects our customers with each other and the world. Now that’s cool.

“I love selling dream vacations and making wonderful memories for my clients. Visiting places around the world always makes you feel happy! I enjoy planning my customer’s adventures, helping them choose great locations and things to do. It’s a satisfying feeling to make sure my customers have what they need so that they can relax and enjoy a worry-free vacation. The best part of being a travel professional, however, is when your clients return from the trip and call you to share all their wonderful experiences. It’s the moment you know they have made amazing travel memories that will last a lifetime.”

Kathy Treffiletti, Senior Travel Professional
(employee since 1983)


One of the perks of working for a travel company is getting access to a myriad of travel discounts including cruises, hotel rooms, villas, rental cars, theme park admissions and so much more.

“Working here has truly changed my life and opened many doors for me. I never had an opportunity to cruise or even travel outside of the continental U.S before starting at World Travel Holdings. Taking advantage of multiple familiarization trips, Seminar at Sea events, and Travel Agent rates has broadened my horizons. Through traveling I have been able to see how truly amazing our world is and I continue to look forward to more!”

Sam Erb, Talent Development Manager
(employee since 2007)


We value openness and foster an environment where you are encouraged to share your thoughts and opinions. In our pursuit of transparency, our Executive team provides financial and company performance updates throughout the year to ensure employees are aligned with our company objectives. We also have a dedicated team of communications professionals that provide important company updates through a variety of channels including Voyager, the company intranet; newsletters; company-wide meetings; and more.

“When you’re not working in a traditional brick and mortar building there seems to be little hope of forming a cohesive team, but World Travel Holdings has built a culture of transparency, trust and the willingness to serve each other and our clients.” 

Chris Festerman, Senior Travel Professional
(employee since 2007)


Our company is generous to our employees and the community. Some examples of this include 401(k) match, Volunteer Day every year, Corporate Charity Partnership, Employee Assistance Program, and more.

“When I left my previous career as a school teacher and entered corporate America for the first time, finding an organization with values that mirrored my own was important to me. I appreciate a company that invests in me through a 401K program and consistent growth conversations, and that also invests in the happiness of others through our corporate charity Make-a-Wish. For me, choosing an employer meant finding a home where I could excel at work while still being an amazing mom. From field trip chaperone to fundraising causes that are dear to my family, every year I use our paid Volunteer Day to give back and balance my family time.”

Charity Santiago, Training Director
(employee since 2014)


Our robust benefits program includes some unique perks such as travel deals, annual Volunteer Day, an employee emergency support fund, and more. Our health benefit options and time-off plans give you the resources (and time away) needed to keep you in tip-top shape. Our STARS program allows peer-to-peer and manager-to-peer recognition. You can rack up STARS points and redeem them for gift cards, merchandise, travel vouchers, and company swag.

“What I love most about World Travel Holdings is that this company treats their employees just as well as they treat their customers! We deliver remarkable experiences to our customers and this company has created the most remarkable work environment and career cultures of any company, corporation, or job I’ve ever had. We are truly considered assets here and it shows!”

Laura Bachman, Senior Travel Professional
(employee since 2014)


We offer paid training and ongoing education. In addition to our classroom and e-learning trainings, we offer free or deeply discounted trips that let you experience what we sell firsthand. A dedicated team focuses on creating and managing a vast library of professional and industry-specific development opportunities. You will partner with your manager to develop a personal growth plan that may include coaching to success, conferences, webinars, etc. Employees are also provided opportunities to lead projects, work cross-functionally, wear different hats, and seek promotes from within.

“I love working here because of my training class. The training and the people in my class, as well as the instructors and the support staff, made this job feel as though it was the best place in the whole wide world to work. Training played a major role in helping me on my journey to becoming a Customer Care Representative and will continue to follow me throughout my career at World Travel Holdings.”

Jackie Stephens, Cruise Next Sales Agent
(employee since 2018)


Hey, we’re in the travel industry so fun is actually mandatory! Even though we work hard, we love to have fun too. We have a group of employees who volunteer for Fun Committees that plan both virtual and in-office events, creating opportunities for you to connect with coworkers. We also have a company mascot named Tripper (Flat Stanley’s cousin) who travels the world with our employees. Check him out on social media #TrippersTravels. Regardless of your department, we empower you with as much scheduling flexibility as possible. For our virtual call center employees, we have an innovative credit system called The Marketplace that provides the ability to periodically adjust schedules.

“Connecting with virtual employees through fun committee events is so incredibly rewarding. Whether it’s scavenger hunts, talent contests, or photo-sharing, I just love getting to see our employees sharing more about themselves, their families, and passions outside of work. Creating a personal connection in a virtual world can be challenging, but it also makes us be more creative and have a heck of a lot of fun!”

Solange Drigant, Corporate Communications Specialist
(employee since 2016)



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